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Специальное предложение для блогеров и фотографов

Вам понравился наш отель и вы хотели бы рассказать о нем своей аудитории? Мы всегда готовы к сотрудничеству!

Family holidays in Moscow

Special offer for spending time with your family.

Программа лояльности с ПК ВОИР

Экономьте до 20% от всех цен, представленных на сайте

Дарим купон в салон красоты

Специальное предложение для гостей нашего отеля.

Romantic Package

We will create a unique romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

Long stay

We give discounts up to 20% for stays of 5 nights

Early booking

Get a 15% discount on the room of your selected category.

Loyalty program

Get your loyalty discount card after your first visit to the hotel.

Special offer for business guests

Use our special offer to make your business trip as comfortable and productive as possible!

Friendly company

When booking 5 or more rooms at a time, a discount is provided.

Bachelorette party in the hotel

Organizing a dream wedding takes a lot of energy. Who if not close friends will help to distract from the excitement of pre-wedding preparation!

Free wedding night

Special offer when organising your wedding in our restaurant.

For expectant mothers

Special offer for expectant mothers.

For the most beloved!

All Guests upon presentation of a pension certificate will have a discount.


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